Top five quotes from UT's graduation ceremonies


1. The Ten Commandments: College Edition

Senator Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo, spoke at the College of Liberal Arts convocation ceremony Friday. Seliger delivered what he called the college edition of the Bible's Ten Commandment's in his speech. 

"The last supper would be pizza and cola the next morning," Seliger said. He added later that "there would have to be a new edition of the Ten Commandments every two years to limit reselling." 

2. Doctors, don't do anything stupid

Graduate Studies dean Judith Langlois delivered the commencement address at UT's master's and doctoral convocations Saturday morning. Langlois stressed that with their degrees, students would be able to change the world. There are disadvantages though, she said.

"For the rest of your life, the next time you do anything stupid someone will sure to point out you have a doctorate," Langlois said.

3. You're not breaking up with UT

UT's alumni organization, the Texas Exes, ordered 900 bottles of champagne so graduates could toast to the future at its two-day event, the Great Texas Exit.

"Your connection with University isn't over. You're kind of starting a new chapter being an alumni," said Katie Lauck, campus relations coordinator for the Texas Exes. "We want to welcome you into the new family."  

4. You don't mess with someone's graduation

University Event coordinates official UT programs and community events, including graduation and Explore UT. UT staff have been physically setting up for graduation since April 8, when they set up the bleachers in front of the UT Tower.

"There are three events you don't mess with in people's lives - their wedding, their funeral and their graduation," said Susan Threadgill, production director for University Events.

5. No such thing as luck

Stan Richards, founder of the Richards Group, one of the largest independent advertising agencies nationwide, said people should not get discouraged if they're not the best in their class. Students can be successful even if they're not the best talent if they work hard, he said. 

"I don't believe in luck. You get what you earn," Richards said.