• Dallas is a more romantic city than Austin

    According to an online travel dating company, Dallas is a more romantic than Austin.

    A company called Miss Travel released a list of the 20 most romantic cities in North America in June. Miss Travel said Dallas is the eighth most romantic city, while Austin is the 12th.

    Miss Travel is an online matchmaking service targeted at travelers. The company seeks out attractive women who want to travel with males who pick up the tab. These generous travelers are described as doctors, lawyers, athletes and millionaire celebrities who hate traveling alone.

    Gawker has coined Miss Travel as “the #1 prosti-travel website.”

    The list was created based off the number of trips planned through Miss Travel. Officials said more than 440 Austin trips have been booked through the service between now and August.

    Check out the complete list of romantic cities below:

    1. San Francisco, CA
    2. New York, NY
    3. Miami, FL
    4. Las Vegas, NV
    5. Toronto, ON
    6. Los Angeles, CA
    7. Orlando, FL
    8. Dallas, TX
    9. Honolulu, HI
    10. Nashville, TN
    11. Montreal, QC
    12. Austin, TX
    13. San Diego, CA
    14. Seattle, WA
    15. Chicago, IL
    16. Philadelphia, PA
    17. Washington D.C.
    18. Santa Barbara, CA
    19. Vancouver, BC
    20. Salt Lake City, UT

  • The Morning Texan: ESPN X Games, "green" schools and orientation

    The clouds are rolling in and there is a chance of thunderstorms in the morning and early afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. This will bring Friday’s high down to 88 degrees.

    Today marks the last day of the add/drop period for first-term, nine-week and whole-session classes. It gets a bit tougher to change your schedule after this, so be sure to do it today.

    Here is some morning reading:

    Yesterday’s most read article online: The ESPN X Games is considering Austin for its future home. Austinites are excited about the proposition — but first they have to beat out Chicago, Detroit and Charlotte.

    In case you missed it: UT made the Princeton Review’s list of “green” schools. But what is the University doing to be sustainable? Check out our list of five things the University has done to be environmentally friendly.

    What you have to read:  The Daily Texan is live-blogging UT’s first orientation session. Every year, approximately a thousand students visit campus per orientation session to learn about the campus, college life and, most importantly, registering for classes.