In race to secure X Games, Detroit beating Austin, other cities in Facebook poll


While ESPN executives consider their options for the future home of the X Games, cities have turned to social media efforts as one way to grab executives' attention.

Austin is currently one of four cities bidding to be the new home of the ESPN X Games. Its competitors are Detroit, Chicago and Charlotte. All four cities have hosted events to impress the ESPN executives and convince them to host the games in their city, similar to the rally Circuit of the Americas hosted at the Capitol last week. Kelly Erickson, a representative of Circuit of the Americas, said the organization used various social media accounts to promote the rally, and that they will continue to use social media to impress ESPN.

“I think ESPN is watching everything," Erickson said. "For people to have a voice through social media is something they are definitely paying attention to. So we're doing everything we can to spread the word that way."

Detroit is leading in a recent poll on the X Games’ official Facebook page that poses the question of which city should be the future home of the X Games. As of Monday afternoon, Detroit has more than 18,000 votes. Austin is in second with more than 11,000 votes. Erickson said Circuit of the Americas has been pushing fans to vote for Austin in the poll.

"We're hoping people keep voting for Austin, because that's something [ESPN] will look at," Erickson said.

ESPN executives have said they will consider many factors when choosing a city.

Elsewhere in social media, the four different cities are using various accounts to promote their bid. Austin, Detroit and Charlotte all have official Facebook and Twitter pages designed to bring the X Games to their respective cities. Chicago does not have official pages, or at least one that can be immediately found, but the city does have Facebook and Twitter fan accounts.

With more than 21,000 “likes” on Facebook, Austin has the most “likes” of the four cities. On Twitter though, both Detroit and Charlotte have more followers than Austin does.

ESPN is expected to announce their decision in July.

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