The Morning Texan: Fisher, TRBs and more


Although the morning will begin dreary and cloudy, the day is expected to clear up according to the National Weather Service. Monday will be sunny with a high of 93 degrees.

At 9:00 a.m., the Supreme Court is expected to release a series of decisions. One of them could be on Fisher v. Texas, the case that will decide the future of UT’s admission policy. Of course, the court could also decide to wait to release a decision on the Fisher case. 

Here is some morning reading:

This weekend’s most read article online: The Daily Texan live-blogged UT’s first orientation session. Every year, approximately a thousand students visit campus per orientation session to learn about the campus, college life and, most importantly, registering for classes.

In case you missed it: In a stalemate during the last days of the regular session, the legislature failed to get state funding through tuition revenue bonds for 60 higher ed construction projects, including a new engineering building at UT. But lawmakers are convinced if Rick Perry places the funding on the agenda for the special session, they will be able to strike a compromise.

What you have to read: The Supreme Court of the United States is expected to release a decision soon on Fisher v. Texas, the case that could potentially impact the admissions policy of schools nationwide. The case has to do with race-conscious admissions, and a decision is expected sometime in June.

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