• Still no word on TRBs, despite requests from representatives

    While Texas Gov. Rick Perry has added legislation on transportation, abortion and life-sentences to the special session’s agenda, he has not added an item on tuition revenue bonds, despite requests from representatives.

    In the closing days of the regular session, Texas lawmakers failed to come to an agreement on a bill that would grant more than $2 million to higher education institutions across Texas for construction projects through tuition revenue bonds. While called tuition revenue bonds, this funding actually comes from the state, and not tuition.

    Earlier this week, 69 lawmakers from the Texas House sent a signed letter to the governor, asking him to add tuition revenue bonds to the special session. There are 150 members in the House. Forty of the signatures came from Democrats and 29 came from Republicans. Seven of the nine members of the House Committee on Higher Ed also signed the letter.

    “The failure will have a substantial impact on higher education in Texas,” the letter said. “Many projects will be put on hold for at least another two years, and some may disappear altogether.”

    The letter was sent to the governor on Monday.

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  • The Morning Texan: Westboro Baptist Church, regent controversy and more

    Today's temperature is dropping slighty to 93 degrees as a few clouds roll in. There is even a twenty percent chance of thunderstorms today and tonight, according to the National Weather Service.

    This is the last day an undergraduate student may add a first-term, nine-week or whole-session class, and the tuition payment for any added classes is due today at 5 p.m.

    Here is some morning reading:

    Yesterday's most read article online: The Westboro Baptist Church might be coming to Austin to protest. They have a planned stop on the University's campus, but according to UTPD, they will not be allowed to protest on campus since they are not a university group. 

    In case you missed it: UT has posted details on the requirements for UT's first Dell Medical School Dean. In a 21-page document, the University has outlined the qualifications and expectations of the dean. 

    What you have to read: Yesterday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced he was adding abortion to the special session

    What we missed, but you should still read (The Texas Tribune): Following continued open records requests by the UT System Board of Regents, two UT System regents have lashed out against Regent Wallace Hall, calling his actions "an abuse of power." What has resulted has been continued arguing among several members of the board.