Three landmark opinions due soon from Supreme Court


The Supreme Court has had a momentous session, and if everything goes according to schedule, the next week will see at least three landmark opinions released from the high body.

The Court has until the end of the month to issue opinions on Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, U.S. v. Windsor and Shelby County v. Holder. While Fisher has the possibility to drastically alter, uphold or reduce the application of race as a factor in university admissions, the Windsor case, which challenges the Defense of Marriage Act, could revise the federal definition of marriage as between and a man and woman. 

Holder will decide whether sections of the Voting Rights Act, which requires places with a history of voter discrimination to be overseen by the federal government, can still be constitutionally enforced. Texas and eight other mostly southern states fall under this requirement, as well as districts in other states.

Under the Voting Rights Act, Texas was required last year to redraw its congressional and state district lines after a federal court review found Texas had violated the rights of minority voters through selective gerrymandering. 

The Supreme Court has scheduled opinion days for Thursday and next Monday, although the court has until the end of the month to announce other opinion dates.