The Morning Texan: Ordination, abortion and affirmative action


According to the National Weather Service, Friday's high is going to be 98 degrees.

Here is some morning reading:

Yesterday's most read story online: Mary Ann Kaiser, a youth director at the University United Methodist Church on campus, was suddenly removed from her candidacy to become an ordained minister because she identifies as a lesbian. Some church officials are saying rules were violated because she was not interviewed by the Board of Ordained Ministry before being denied ordination.

In case you missed it: The House left two abortion bills pending in committee after more than 700 people signed up to testify on the bills and the hearing was nearly 15 hours long. Many UT students testified on the bill.

What you have to read: It turns out, the Supreme Court could hold the Fisher case till next year and wait to release a decision then. That is because they are the Supreme Court of the United States, and they do what they want. Here's how and why they might hold the case.