The Morning Texan: Fisher (finally?), abortion and bike shares


According to the National Weather Service, Monday will start a little cloudy, but it will clear out and get hot quickly. 

Later today, UT might finally have a decision on Fisher v. Texas, the Supreme Court Case that will decide the future of race conscious admissions in colleges. After weeks of waiting and anticipation, the Supreme Court is set to release several dramatic decisions this week. One of them could be Fisher v. Texas. Of course, the court could also decide to not release the decision at all this year.

This weekend's most read article online: Abortion has been debated intensely in the Texas House and Senate. Debate in a committee hearing went into the late hours Friday morning before the bill was sent to the full House. Check out the Texan's old coverage, and check back later in the day for updated coverage. 

What you have to read: Bike shares are finally coming to Austin. A lot of the details are still up in the air, but the city will be taking input from citizens on where these bike share stations should go. 

In case you missed it: Yes — it turns out it is possible to get a lifetime pass to Barton Springs. The Daily Texan has the details on how.