UT student body President Horacio Villarreal comments on Fisher ruling


Student Government president Horacio Villarreal said UT is working through the decision and is preparing a statement for later today on the Supreme Court's decision to send Fisher v. Texas back to a lower court.

“My whole perspective on the case still remains in full support of UT,” Villarreal said. “There is an immense amount of educational benefit.“

Villarreal said University officials are currently meeting with lawyers to fully understand the ruling and its implications for the University.

“They are going to report back to us about what it really means in plain English,” Villarreal said. “It’s a little more complicated than I expected. I thought it would be more black and white. We have a little bit of time to regroup. Student government will be backing whatever stance the University takes.”

Villarreal is currently in Washington D.C.  and said he will being meeting with CNN, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal throughout the day discussing the case when the result becomes more clear.

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