The Morning Texan: Fisher coverage


According to the National Weather Service, Tuesday may break 100 degrees. It is going to be a hot day, so dress for the heat.

Later today, at 10 a.m., the Texas Senate is expected to convene to begin debating abortion legislation. Democrats have promised to attempt a filibuster to talk the bill to death. Follow The Daily Texan @thedailytexan and check back on the website for updates.

On Monday, the Supreme Court released a decision on Fisher v. Texas. The Daily Texan covered the issues extensively, trying to hit every angel possible. Check out our coverage below:

Supreme Court sends Fisher v. Texas case back to lower court: Our in-depth story takes a look at the ruling and what it means for UT. The Court sent the case back to a lower court. UT President William Powers Jr. said the ruling will allow the University to continue to use affirmative action and UT's holisitc review process.
Student leaders support University stance, wait for Fifth Circuit ruling: Following the ruling on Monday, student leaders at UT reiterated their support for the University and its position.
TIMELINE: Affirmative action in United States through the years: Affirmative action isn't new in the United States. This is a topic that has been hotly debated for years. Check out our timeline on the issue.
TIMELINE: History of Fisher v. Texas case: The Fisher case itself has a long history. Check out our timeline that details every step of the case that took the University to the Supreme Court and put the national spotlight on Austin.

UT student body President Horacio Villarreal comments on Fisher ruling: When the news first broke, The Daily Texan spoke to student body President Horacio Villarreal about the case. 

5 quotes you got to see from the Supreme Court's ruling on Fisher v. Texas: Several Supreme Court Justices issued opinions on the case. Check out five quotes from their opinions you have to see — including a comment regarding an "ostrich."

Abigail Fisher, Edward Blum says Fisher v. Texas court decision is a 'win': While UT President William Powers Jr. and the University seemed satisifed with the ruling, Abigail Fisher and her supporters said the decision was a "win" for them.

University of Michigan watches on as Supreme Court decides Fisher: The University of Michigan is also currently involved in an affirmative action case, but the university's president says the outcome will not impact them.