Corner of 29th Street and Guadalupe Street is really hipster, according to Yelp


According to maps by Yelp, the corner of 29th Street and Guadalupe Street is a hotspot for hipsters in Austin.

On Monday, Yelp released “Yelp Worldmaps,” which are “heatmaps” that shows the density of certain keywords used in Yelp reviews of restaurants and businesses in 14 different cities. These words included “hipster,” “frat,” “bacon” and more.

The corner of 29th and Guadalupe Street is one of the hipster hotspots in Austin. Manor Road, near I-35, is another place that hipsters seem to frequent. So is the entire downtown area, and the Sixth Street district.  

Downtown is also a hotspot for the word “frat.”  According to Yelp, the word “frat” is used commonly in reviews of businesses in that area. West Campus also is an area that has this word used commonly in reviews.

To check out all of the maps, click here.

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