• Abortion legislation passes Texas House

    The Texas House approved legislation increasing regulations on aboritons Wednesday morning, sending the bill to the Senate for a final vote.

    The bill, HB 2, was voted in 96-49 after a day of heated debates and numerous attempts at passing an ammendment allowing abortions in the case of rape or incest. All attempts were tabled, and the bill could be heard by the Senate as early as this Friday. 

    During the final vote on the bill, a woman began to scream in the gallery and was removed by state troopers carrying her by hands and feet. 

    The bill would ban abortion after 20 weeks in Texas and place more regulations on clinics that perform abortions if passed. Supporters of the bill claim it would make the procedure safer, but opponents say it would make getting an abortion more difficult and close most clinics that provide abortions in Texas.

  • Ted Cruz's media director says "Well...bye" to The Daily Texan

    Following a San Antonio Express news article earlier this week about The Daily Texan's rocky financial future, Josh Perry has taken to Twitter to prematurely bid The Daily Texan goodbye.

    Perry, who is Ted Cruz's new media director, sent two tweets on Tuesday about The Daily Texan. One of them said: "Condolences UT students. No more Daily Texan means you'll have to pay for copies of the Statesman to defrost your fridge at end of semester." The tweet was a reference to the requirement that at the end of every semester, UT students leaving on campus dorms are required to defrost their refrigerators. Students often use towels or newspapers to dry up the wet ground surrounding the appliance. 


    The second tweet featured a meme of a man saying "Well...bye."


    Earlier this spring, the Texas Student Media Board, which oversees all student media at UT, almost voted to cut a day of print out of The Daily Texan's print schedule. The board, however, instead voted to cut student salaries. 

    The Daily Texan will continue to print Monday through Friday in the fall.

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  • The Morning Texan: 100 degrees, abortion legislation and more

    According to the National Weather Service, today's high will be 100 degrees.

    At 10 a.m. this morning, the Texas House will meet and likely vote on abortion legislation. Yesterday, the House tentatively approved House Bill 2, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks, place additional restrictions on abortion clinics and increase oversight of abortion inducing drugs. Then, at 2 p.m. today, the UT System Board of Regents will meet to discuss several items, including MyEdu.

    Here is some morning reading:

    Yesterday's most read story: The Senate Committee of Health and Human Services heard testimony for more than 13 hours on it's abortion bill Monday and Tuesday morning. Check out our live blog here.

    What you have to read: Despite enrollment dropping to around 16,000 students during the summer, there is not a significant drop in the amount of energy and water usage on campus because of hot temperatures, and several departments are still operating with the same number of staff.

    In case you missed it: Cafe Medici, the popular coffee shop on the Drag, has finally opened after being closed for several months.