Texas Senate set to debate, pass abortion legislation


After weeks of controversy, national headlines, emotional testimonies and heated debates, the Texas Senate is all set to pass abortion legislation tomorrow when it convenes at 2 p.m.

House Bill 2, which would ban abortion after 20 weeks, places restrictions on clinics in Texas and provides further regulation for abortion-inducing drugs, has been passed by a House committee, the full House and a Senate committee. Now, the full Senate will consider the bill. If the Senate passes it without any amendments, the bill will go to Texas Gov. Rick Perry's desk. And with the end of the second special session weeks away, Texas Democrats cannot rely on a filibuster to kill the bill.

Critics of the bill have said the bill would make abortions difficult to obtain in Texas, as the legislation has the potential of closing more than 30 abortion clinics. Supporters of the bill have, however, said the legislation increases the quality of women's healthcare and the safety of abortion. 

Rick Santorum, the latest national political figure to descend on Austin to speak on the legislation, spoke in support of the bill at a press conference Thursday morning.

"This is the movement of love...that is what the movement is about," Santorum said. "This is to be celebrated. I wanted to come down here and stand with these men and women who are doing something great."

At the same press conference, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst warned that any outbursts from the gallery Friday would result in clearning out the gallery. During the first special session, a loud, continous outburst from the gallery helped prevent the passing of abortion legislation.

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