Students now more invested in their writing because of social media


Some professors may bemoan the impact of Twitter and texting on students’ writing when they arrive at UT, but a new study suggests young people may actually care more about what they are writing today than in the past.

Most teachers of middle and high school students find that their students are now involved in the writing process because of the audiences they can reach and the ability to share their writing according to the report, which was released today by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

Around 78 percent of 2,462 advanced placement and National Writing Project teachers surveyed by Pew said digital tools including cell phones and the Internet had encouraged more creativity among their students. Another 79 percent found that these mediums encouraged greater collaboration among students. 

Still, teachers said their students' writing was more often “fair” or “good” than “excellent.” Also, students today are more likely to have trouble navigating issues of copyright, or “digesting long or complicated texts.”