The Morning Texan: Dry Monday, Urban Rail and more


According to the National Weather Servie, today's high is 98 degrees. A few clouds are expected to roll in tonight, but there is not a chance of rain.

Here is some morning reading: 

This weekend's most read story online: From Jenji Kohan, the creator of the award-winning television series “Weeds,” comes the new Netflix original series “Orange is the New Black.” About a woman with a complicated history landing in an all-female federal prison, this show is a must-watch. Check out our review here.

In case you missed it: Check out our Daily Texan Podcast, where Bobby Blanchard, Christine Ayala, Jody Serrano and special guest Jacob Kerr discuss the UT regents, MyEdu and ESPN's X Games. They also get off topic for a little bit and discuss the royal baby and tea.

What you have to read: The City of Austin is currently planning where the Urban Rail may go. While the University want it to go along San Jacinto Boulevard, students may prefer it in West Campus.