UT CPE engineering building evacuated


UT’s Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Building, located at Dean Keaton and Speedway, was evacuated shorty after 1 p.m. Monday because of reported smoke. 

University spokeswoman Rhonda Weldon said construction in the building caused dust to be mistaken for smoke, leading someone to pull a fire alarm. It was originally thought smoke was coming from the third floor. The building has now been cleared for re-entry.

Software developer Michael Jackson, who works in CPE, said there was a large amount of confusion during the evacuation.

“I was just working when the alarms went off and they rushed us out,” Jackson said. “I didn’t smell any smoke or hear anything, it was just a nice, pleasant day at work.”

Jackson said this type of incident is becoming common. Thursday, the Engineering Sciences building on Speedway was evacuated because of an air conditioning problem.

Masa Prodanovic, an assistant professor of engineering, came back from lunch to find the building had been closed off.

“We just want to get back in there and get back to work,” Prodanovic said.

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