• UT campus receives more than an inch of rain

    The University of Texas campus recieved on average more than an inch of rain on Wednesday, according to three rain gauges on campus.

    Markus Hogue, program coordinator of Irrigation and Water Conservation at the University, said the campus received .73 inches of rain at the Tower, 1.32 inches of rain at the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center and 1.48 inches of rain at the Facilities Complex.

    The weather in Austin has been wet all week. On average, the campus has recieved about 1.68 inches of rain this week. Last night alone, the campus got 1.17 inches of rain.

    The chances of rain decreased after last night. There is a 20 percent chance of rain on Thursday, and a 20 percent chance of rain over the weekend.

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  • The Morning Texan: Perry to sign abortion legislation

    According to the National Weather Service, today's chance of rain is dropping slightly. There is still a 20 percent chance of rain, but that is much lower than previously.

    Later this morning at 9:30 a.m., Texas Gov. Rick Perry is expected to sign abortion legislation into law. Follow @thedailytexan on Twitter for more updates.

    Here is some morning reading: 

    Yesterday's most read story online: Three UT students have created a new start-up company to provide custom design apparel to students and local businesses. Check out The Daily Texan's feature. 

    What you have to read: Later today, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott will be finishing his campaign tour in Austin. Former Longhorn Quarterback Colt McCoy will introduce Abbott. 

    In case you missed it: Turkey is currently facing civil unrest arising from religious and political conflicts between the Turkish people and their government. Being a political, cultural and geographic bridge between the United States and the Middle East and an important American ally, Turkey’s current situation could impact its relations with America.


  • Rain hits UT Austin campus hard Wednesday afternoon

    A rain storm hit UT Austin's campus Wednesday afternoon, and the storm is ongoing at 5:15.

    According to the National Weather Service, the rain is expected to continue later into the night. The evening has a 60 percent chance of thunderstorms. The chance for rain decreases tomorrow to 20 percent. The chance of rain stays at 20 percent all weekend.

    The Student Activity Center is giving out free ponchos to help students survive the rain.

    Check back tomorrow for an update on the amount of rain UT received.

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  • Colt McCoy to introduce Greg Abbott

    Former UT quarterback Colt McCoy is making an appearance in Austin Thursday night at 5 p.m. to introduce Attorney General Greg Abbott as he continues his Texas tour.

    Abbott announced Sunday he is running for Texas Governor and since then has traveled the state to rally support. He has visited Houston, Lubbock and McAllen on his "Meet Greg Abbot Tour."

    McCoy, now playing for the San Francisco 49ers, was a quarterback for the Longhorns from 2006 to 2009.

    Abbott said he plans to make higher education a priority for the state if elected, along with focusing on small businesses, reducing government spending and securing the border.

    Abbott has served as the Texas attorney general since 2002 and reportedly raised more than $20 million for his campaign so far.

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  • Money for campus construction projects still in limbo

    Higher education institutions across Texas are still no closer to finding out whether they will get money to fund construction on campus this year.

    Legislation to appropriate money for these projects failed in the regular session back in May. Although lawmakers can still appropriate money for these projects in the current special session, they can only do so if Gov. Rick Perry adds the items to the agenda.

    Perry has not responded to repeated requests from lawmakers to add the items to the agenda, despite claims that not doing so could affect recruitment and retention.

    In a press conference Tuesday, Perry did not elaborate on his decision.

    “Once we get the transportation issue addressed and finalized, then we can have a conversation about whether or not there are any issues that we have the time and inclination to put on the call,” Perry said, according to The Texas Tribune.

    UT-Austin is hoping to receive $95 million from the state to complete its $310 million Cockrell Engineering Education and Research Center. Officials have said the building, scheduled to be completed in 2015, would be delayed without state funds.