Construction triggers false alarm, evacuation at PCL


Firefighters and officers responded to a false alarm at the Perry-Castañeda Library on Monday.

International relationships junior Hasanthi Seth said she was walking when it happened and heard someone pulled the alarm. 

“I was walking up to the library when the library was being evacuated,” Seth said.  “What I heard was that someone pulled the alarm, and they came to investigate the building.” 

Travis Willmann, communications officer for the library, said the responders believe no one set off the alarm. Willmann said he believes the construction at the library’s Learning Commons area triggered the alarm.

“It was a fluky thing,” Willmann said.  “Everything is exposed in there, and someone could have brushed a wire.”

When it comes to an older building, such as the library, Willmann said problems will occur.

“We get false alarms — it happens,” Willmann said.  “This is a huge building and sometimes students have pulled things in the past, sometimes its drills, sometimes it is a random electrical problem that occurs.  This is an old building, and, when you get things like that, they can be temperamental.”

Kailey Moore, an English and theater and dance junior, said she was working in the library and was not happy that she had to evacuate.

“I have no idea what happened,” Moore said.  “I thought it was stupid to have to leave the building, and I am pissed about it.”