• Nineteen-year-old male dies after sustaining head injury in West Campus on Friday morning

    This article has been updated since its original publication.

    Update: KXAN has confirmed that the victim was named Stephen Sylvester, and the suspect in custody is Sylvester's boyfriend, Bryan Canchola. 

    According to the article, Sylvester and Canchola were in a physical altercation after a night of drinking downtown. Canchola is currently held in Travis County Jail on murder charges with a bail of $500,000.

    Original story: The Austin Police Department responded to a call at 5:49 a.m. and found a 19-year-old man unconscious with a head wound at the GrandMarc apartment complex. He was transported to the University Medical Center Brackenridge and later died.

    There is a suspect in custody, and the victim’s family has not yet been notified, police said. Until police can reach his next of kin, no other information will be released. Police are investigating the death as a homicide.

    UTPD did not notify students through email of the suspected homicide, sending out a single tweet at 2:33 p.m. Posey said that UTPD knew enough from the incident to decide it was not a danger to the campus.

    “When an incident occurs off campus, we are dependent upon APD for information,” Posey said. “UTPD knew enough information to determine the campus was never threatened and did not need a Safety Alert. UTPD publishes the previous day’s information in the crime reports called Campus Watch. UTPD posted information on social media when we had confirmed information from APD."

    UTPD did not respond to the call because the area is out of their jurisdiction, spokesperson Cindy Posey said.

    “APD is the primary law enforcement agency for off campus calls,” Posey said. “We assist as requested. If we are in the area and see a crime or one is reported to an officer on scene, we will respond, but APD is still considered primary.”

    Although no formal charges have been made, the suspect would most likely be charged with some form of homicide, according to APD homicide investigator Brett Bailey.

    “I think the range is too wide,” Bailey said. “The charges would likely be related to some form of homicide. That can range from criminal negligent homicide to murder. [Criminal negligent homicide is] the lowest classification of murder.”

    The suspect and victim knew each other, according to a letter residents received today from Neal Toddy, GrandMarc’s resident services manager.

    “An arrest has been made in the case and therefore should pose no risk to other residents,” Toddy wrote. “The management team here is currently working with local authorities while they continue the investigation and we will communicate additional information to you as necessary.”

    This is the 16th murder in Austin this year.