Austinites should expect sunny weather following rainy weekend, according to UT meteorologist


Austin residents should expect sunshine Monday morning and through the rest of the work week after a weekend of persistent rain, according to UT’s incident meteorologist Troy Kimmel. The rain will most likely return by next weekend, Kimmel said.

Rainfall in the Central Texas region broke the Oct. 24 calendar day record for inches of rainfall in the Austin Bergstrom International Airport area and the Austin City and Camp Mabry area, according to the University’s inclement weather report. 4.79 inches of rain fell in the Austin City and Camp Mabry areas, and 5.16 inches of rain fell in the airport area. The previous records were set Oct. 24, 1949, when 1.94 inches of rain fell in the Austin City and Camp Mabry areas and 1.62 inches of rain fell in the airport area.

As the area begins to settle into a rainy El Niño pattern this fall, Austin residents should continue using caution when leaving their homes when flash flood warnings are issued, Kimmel said. El Niño is a weather
phenomenon characterized by unusually warm temperatures in the Pacific Ocean that lead to harsher weather conditions.

Kimmel said on the inclement weather report that only about .10 inches of the rain over the weekend could be attributed to moisture coming into the area from Hurricane Patricia, which made landfall in Mexico on Friday. The rest of the moisture came in from a separate storm system from the Gulf of Mexico.

“Between us and [Mexico] are two huge mountain chains … so yeah, the remnants come overhead, but there is little Pacific contribution to the region,” Kimmel said. “It hasn’t been the media portraying this, it’s been other folks mostly, but we need to think about this if we want to be a scientifically literate country.”