APD increases presence near Wal-Mart following reports of car window shoot-ins


Fifteen cars parked in residential areas near the Wal-Mart on West Anderson Lane have had their windows shot in by a BB gun since early September, according to the Austin Police Department. 

APD Detective Bing Lau said the offenders operate after dark and target cars that are parked in driveways or on the street. He said witnesses believe the offenders to be juveniles. 

APD has increased presence in the affected area, which runs north to south from 183 to West Anderson Ln. and east to west from North Lamar to Burnet, Lau said.

“We have increased directed patrols in the area,” Lau said. “The officer that works in that area, if he is not tied up with something,  goes over there and drives around. We have also put the information out to other officers in the sector.” 

Lau said the incidents have stopped in the past several days, probably because of the increased police presence. He said residents and visitors to the area should still take precautionary measures to prevent their car from getting attacked.

“Leave a light on outside the house to make it look like somebody is around, and try to park your vehicle in the garage,” Lau said.