Investigation of Malcolm X Lounge vandalization continues


The Malcolm X Lounge’s administration is working with UTPD and the Campus Climate Response Team after it was vandalized in September, according to lounge director David McDonald Jr.

“We have been having constant communication [with CCRT] since then about the lounge, about its importance, sharing what students would like to see in the space and how we could communicate through campus the importance of the space,” McDonald said. “We have also been working closely with UTPD about this incident specifically but also about how UTPD can be more inclusive or can work on best practices for working with minority students on campus with regards to incidents like this.”

According to witness Johnesha Daniels, a mathematics and African-American studies senior, the Malcolm X Lounge was trashed during the early morning of Sept. 23. Daniels said she returned to the space and found the left side of the lounge covered with cookies and craft beads, a hot glue gun still plugged into an outlet and a heated clothes iron in the microwave.

UTPD declined to comment on the incident — an act of criminal mischief according to its report — because it is still an open investigation.

McDonald said he hopes new security measures and awareness of the lounge will prevent future incidents.

“I am very hopeful … that we will be able to prevent future incidents like this to happen again because we will have system in place to be able to identify who did it,” McDonald said.