Mock shooting event would constitute criminal trespassing


A mock shooting scheduled on campus this weekend  during a final exam period would be considered trespassing, according to University spokesman J.B. Bird.

The “crisis performance,” which  gun rights groups Come and Take It Texas and have planed to hold Saturday, is intended to protest against gun-free zones on campuses, according to

While university, faculty, staff and student groups may demonstrate on University grounds, Bird said outside groups are not allowed to hold such events on campus.

“The property or buildings owned or controlled by UT Austin are not, however, open to outside groups for assembly, speech, or other activities, including theatrical performances, as are the public streets, sidewalks, and parks,” Bird said.

The groups will be asked to leave, and if they do not, it will be a “criminal trespass matter,” Bird said.

According to Bird, the UT Dean of Students Office is contacting the groups to ensure they are aware of UT’s policies.