In a close race, Brown-Cicero elected as new GSA president and vice president


Wills Brown and Francesca Cicero won the Graduate Student Assembly executive alliance race with 52 percent of the vote — a win which came down to 16 votes.

After a two-day delay in announcing GSA results following court processes, which resulted in a campaign’s disqualification, David Engleman, chair of the Election Supervisory Board, announced results Monday morning in the Glenn Maloney room of the Student Services Building.

Brown and Cicero, both graduate students in the School of Education, said they are excited to assume leadership and hope to bridge the gap they feel exists between graduate students and the University.

Brown previously served as Student Government vice president in 2013 when he was an undergraduate student. He oversaw the Student Services Budget Committee and implemented a 24-hour PCL program. Cicero is a former trial attorney who has said she is prepared to argue and fight for graduate student concerns.

Warner Cook and Ellie Boisjoli said they congratulate Brown and Cicero and look forward to working with them.

Although the race came down to a few votes, Cook said it excites her to see how graduate students supported both campaigns.