• APD officers respond to disturbance incident at Castillian

    After responding to a reported disturbance, police cars and ambulances occupied San Antonio Street in front of The Castilian Tuesday night.

    Austin Police Department Cpl. Michael Chancellor said officers immediately responded to a drug-related incident inside the large student residence building.

    “We responded to a disturbance call of two intoxicated individuals,” Chancellor said. 

    Both individuals were taken to a local hospital and that no charges were filed as of last night, Chancellor said.

    Benjamin Acosta, nursing freshman and Castilian resident, said he arrived at the scene shortly after the incident occurred.

    “I was just walking back from Starbucks and I saw all the cars here,” Acosta said. “Then, I saw when they brought both of the guys out into the ambulance.”

    Chancellor said he cannot confirm if the two individuals were UT students or not at this time.

  • Voter registration ends at midnight today

    Students line up to vote outside the Flawn Academic Center on Nov. 4, 2014.
    Students line up to vote outside the Flawn Academic Center on Nov. 4, 2014.

    In order to participate and vote in the Texas primary elections, people need to register by 11:59 p.m. today.

    During election voting periods there are booths on campus where anyone can cast a vote, but voters must be registered to vote in Austin.

    For those who have not already registered to vote there are a couple of options to get registered today.

    Students can participate in the “Super Last Minute Voter Registration Extravaganza.” The event is being held on the West Mall throughout the day and then will move to Gregory Plaza in the evening, where they will remain until midnight.

    In order to register, people will need a state-approved photo identification card. Different types include a driver’s license, passport or concealed handgun license. Student ID cards are not accepted for voter registration.

    Once there, a deputy voter registrar will help people fill out the form. Anyone who has changed addresses since they last registered must register again with their new address.

  • UT student diagnosed with mumps

    University Health Services notified students Wednesday afternoon that a student has been diagnosed with mumps.

    Mumps is a highly contagious disease. Symptoms usually include fevers, body aches, loss of appetite, fatigue, headaches and swelling in a person’s salivary glands.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mumps outbreaks are rare, but in May 2015, the University alerted students to three different cases of mumps.

    This year, UHS has created a webpage where they track the number of mumps cases on campus by week and include any announcements they send to students.

    The page also includes tips for preventing the spread of the disease and tips on what to do if students think they have come in contact with the disease.

    In an attempt to prevent further spread of the disease, UHS is asking students to call their hotline ahead of time or schedule an appointment before coming in to be seen. Additionally, for students who have never been vaccinated for mumps, UHS can vaccinate students, which could help students avoid contracting the disease if they are around others who have it.

  • Darrell Bazzell named senior vice president, CFO of University

    President Gregory L. Fenves named Darrell Bazzell, vice chancellor for finance and administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as senior vice president and chief financial officer of the University on Tuesday. Bazzell will assume his new role at UT on April 18.

    Bazzell worked as CFO for the University of Wisconsin-Madison for almost 13 years. He oversaw budgeting and financing for UW-Madison's medical school and academic medical center and worked with campus organizations to develop more efficient budgeting practices, according to a press release.

    At UW-Madison, he supported the First Wave initiative, which uses urban arts, spoken word and hip-hop culture to promote learning and diversity engagement.

    From 2001–2003, he served as secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and has also worked with Wisconsin state agencies and the state legislature.

    Bazzell said he is honored to serve as the University’s new CFO.

    “As I considered this role and the financial challenges that confront public research universities, I was very impressed by the consistently high level of enthusiasm for UT Austin,” Bazzell said in a press release.

    Bazzell will take over for Mary Knight, who has served as interim CFO at the University since February 2015.  

    In an email to faculty and students Tuesday, Fenves said he thinks Bazzell's experience will help the University increase its collaboration and research innovation.

    “His collaborative style and his financial expertise will allow us to continue to support our teaching, research and service missions and to move the university forward.” Fenves said.  

  • Chancellor reveals cost of possible Houston expansion, said it’s “years” away from breaking ground

    Chancellor William McRaven revealed to lawmakers Wednesday the total cost of the UT System’s planned expansion into Houston: $15 million a year for the next 30 years.

    The System purchased the first portion of the land Friday as part of a larger plan to purchase a total of 300 acres in Houston to build a campus there. The expansion has come under criticism from lawmakers because of concerns about inhibiting the growth efforts of existing Houston-based institutions such as Rice University, the University of Houston and Texas Southern University.

    When speaking with lawmakers, McRaven emphasized the benefits to the state of expanding into Houston and said the System was years away from breaking ground on a new campus in Houston.

    “Our goal is to build something that will bring the best talent to the city for collaboration and innovation,” McRaven said, according to the Texas Tribune. “We want to astound people with our boldness. And we are beginning with a blank canvas... We are only limited by our drive, our imagination and our courage to challenge conventional wisdom.”

    McRaven is expected to address the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board tomorrow on the possible Houston expansion.