• Nice Kicks

    Allen Otto | Daily Texan Staff

    Shoppers walk by  window display of Nice Kicks on their way into the store. Located under The Villas, Nice Kicks provides a variety of fashionable footwear.

  • Tree Doctor

    Emilia Harris | Daily Texan Staff

    Blas Flores climbs to the top of a ladder to trim the branches of a neighborhood tree on Tuesday afternoon.  The Tree Tender, a tree service company, is owned and operated by Nickey Bishop, who considers himself a "tree doctor."

  • Lady Bird Lake and Butterfly Wall

    Thomas Allison | Daily Texan Staff

    As temperatures outside reached over 100 degrees Thursday afternoon, a girl takes a swim in Lady Bird Lake after jumping from the Mopac Pedestrian Bridge.

    Erika Timm | Daily Texan Staff

    Passer-by walks along 8th street Thursday afternoon.

  • Bill 9 Protest

    A protester rallies against the approval of Senate Bill 9, a sanctuary cities legislation, on the front steps of the Texas Capital Wednesday. The bill, which passed after a 19-12 vote, cuts resources to local governments that prevent law enforcement to investigate immigration statuses.

  • Lost Cat Billboard and Pro-lifers

    Allen Otto | Daily Texan Staff

    Passers-by take a stroll along 4th street Tuesday evening.

    Chase Martinez | Daily Texan Staff

    Peter Aiura of Illinois naps outside while waiting to protest at the Austin Convention Center with pro-lifers and their families on Tuesday afternoon. The protest was against Planned Parenthood's teen summit to promote safe sex.