• Basketball and Volleyball

    Ryan Edwards | Daily Texan Staff

    David Brown shoots hoops at an old University of Texas sports court, located on Sixth Street, that has fallen into disrepair.

    Emilia Harris | Daily Texan Staff

    Jonas Hart compete against Cris DeLeon in sand volleyball at Zilker Park on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Jogging, Stitching and Rollerblading

    Erika Rich | Daily Texan Staff

    A jogger runs on a highway overpass near Town Lake early Saturday morning.

    Ryan Edwards  | Daily Texan Staff

    Megan Bettis attends her third beginners class at the Stitch Lab on Sunday afternoon. The business has been in operation for seven years, and November will mark the two year anniversary of its South First Street location.

    Chase Martinez | Daily Texan Staff

    A player for the Denver Roller Dolls is knocked down during a Roller Derby bout with the Texecutioners at the Austin Convention Center on Saturday.

  • Umbrella Bridge


    Naveah Gomez, 3, plays with an umbrella on the shore of Lady Bird Lake in response to overcast skies Monday afternoon while her sister Jada, 5, practices twirling.

    Thomas Allison | Daily Texan Staff

  • Peter Pan Mini Golf

    Allen Otto | Daily Texan Staff

    John, age 9, threatens a statue after finishing a game at Peter Pan Mini Golf Thursday morning. 

  • Harry Potter-a-thon

    Ryan Edwards | Daily Texan Staff

    A group of moviegoers wait inside the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse during the early morning hours for the Harry Potter-a-thon to begin. The event started at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday and is expected to run for the nearly 20 hours leading up to the midnight release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2".

    Ryan Edwards | Daily Texan Staff

    Jackie Jacot points her magic wand at one of her friends while they wait for the doors of the Drafthouse to open. Jacot was unable to decide which Hogwarts House she belongs to, which led to some slight ridicule from her friends.

    Ryan Edwards | Daily Texan Staff

    Siblings Marlee and Keaton Graham lay on the sidewalk outside of the theater. Moviegoers were able to purchase their tickets before the event, and their attendance ensured they would recieve a ticket for the midnight release of the new film.

    Ryan Edwards | Daily Texan Staff

    Marcia Ivey carries a folding chair back to her car after establishing her place inline inside the theater.