Man Up BBQ's Gettin' Sauced Festival


Ryan Edwards | Daily Texan Staff

Man Up BBQ’s second annual Gettin’ Sauced festival is this Saturday and features over 120 different sauces from around the country. Hosted by Austin’s Independence Brewing Company, the outdoor festival features live music, prizes and the opportunity to buy the sauces entered in the contest. One team partaking in the festival is Black's Barbeque, a family owned business base out of Lockhart, Texas. Featured above, Edgar and Barret Black check the meat to see if it is ready to sell. The Black's first started making BBQ sauce at the request of northerners coming down south to escape the snow. Norma Jean Black, Edgar's wife, said that traditionally Texans did not use sauce when cooking their BBQ. She created her own recipe from scratch that still remains the signature sauce of the establishment. Barret Black plans to prepare around nine variations on his grandmother's original recipe for the festival.  -Aleksander Chan & Ryan Edwards