• Turban Tying

    Business senior Gurjit Singh wraps a turban on business honors freshman Shaan Patel’s head on West Mall Wednesday afternoon. Singh and Patel were participating in the Sikh Students Association’s “Tie a Turban” event to raise awareness for their organization and culture.

  • One Last Dance

    At the conclusion of their social dancing class at the Anna Hiss Gym, students continue dancing as the room empties.

  • Clay & Bones

    Jason Barlow and Myra Augstin visit the Texas Memorial Museum located on San Jacinto boulevard Monday afternoon. The museum features fossils of specimen that were present in Texas 145 million years ago, as well as a showcase of native wildlife.


    Studio art sophomore Quinn Hirschi uses a clay grinder to crush the material into more malleable pieces at the ceramic studio in the Art Building on Monday afternoon.


    Pricilla Delatorre, a studio art sophomore, creates a clay sculpture at the ceramic studio in the Art Building on Monday.


    Studio art senior Eliana Bernard works on a clay project in the ceramic studio in the Art Building on Monday afternoon.

    Fanny Trang | Daily Texan Staff

  • B. Iden Payne Theatre


    Austin Shirley, the master electrician for UT’s Theater and Dance department, stands before a spotlight in the basement of the Winship building on Wednesday. He and a group of students under his tutelage will be responsible for lighting the production of  “Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde “ scheduled to play from October 28th to November 6th at the B. Iden Payne Thatre. 




    Two set constructors work at the Winship building on Wednesday afternoon. They are building and assembling the sets for the “ Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde”  show scheduled to open on October 28th at the B. Iden Payne Theater on campus. 

    Andrea Macias-Jimenez | Daily Texan Staff