• Rocks and stones

    Ghulam Khan speed walks beside LBJ lake downtown on Monday afternoon.

    Pu Ying Huang | The Daily Texan

    To keep her outdoor climbing skills intact, biochemistry senior Angela Edwards with her climbing pass experiences Gregory Gym’s rock wall for the first time Monday afternoon. Students new or experienced to the sport may purchase day or semester bouldering passes either online or in GRE 2.200.

  • Occupy Wall Street


    Cries for social and economic justice reverberated between skyscrapers in New York City on Wednesday afternoon as thousands marched from Foley Square to Wall Street.

    Two weeks ago, a small group of activists began a 24-hour occupation of Fulton Park in the financial district to air their frustration with the American political system and turn their declaration, "We Are The 99%," into a rallying cry for action.

    The demonstration united disparate union groups, students and citizens all concerned with the job market, pensions for workers and an insecure financial future for young and old americans. Among the tarp-covered air mattresses strewn across Fulton Park a makeshift "People's Library," a temporary kitchen and scattered politically-charged signs are the individuals who are leading the movement—one replicated all over the country.

    Tamir Kalifa | Daily Texan Staff






  • Mopac Dirt Pile


  • Anna Hiss Dancers


    Akisa Yokomizo, a Theater & Dance Freshman, warms up for dance class by doing barre exercises. She and her classmates then proceeded to practice a Modern routine, which consisted of intricate partnering and complicated floorwork.  



    Kelsey Oliver, a Theater & Dance freshman, does an assemblé in Anna Hiss Gym on Tuesday. She and her classmates were going “across the floor” while practicing a new routine for dance class. 



    Akisa Yokomizo comes down from the arabesque position. Doing these barre exercises, helps Akisa improve her balance and strengthen her core, which will be useful for the pirouettes, leaps, and ronde de jambes she’s required to do in her Modern routine. 



    Akisa Yokomizo stretches her feet during dance class. Stretching her feet helps her with relevés and pliés, which are some of the most important bases for Ballet. 

    Andrea Macias-Jimenez | Daily Texan Staff


  • Woof Gang Bakery

    Laura Leigh grooms Nancy, a golden retriever, at the Woof Gang Bakery on North Lamar boulevard on Monday afternoon. Leigh has been grooming dogs for twelve years and has created ecletic styles such as a "dinosaur poodle" for a dog festival last year.

    Fanny Trang | Daily Texan Staff