• Under cover

    Jennifer La walks under a protective construction walkway due to the building of the new student and faculty housing on 24th Street and Nueces Thursday evening. The 16-story apartment complex will be ready for occupancy in the Fall of 2013.

  • It's a good day to fly

    A visitor to the Blanton Museum stops to admire Paul Villinski’s piece titled “Passage” while taking advantage of the museum’s Third Thursday event. This event features free tours and various activities, including Yoga in the Gallery.

  • Red Carpet Preparation

    Left to right, Sherry Lovedahl, Thomas Fragel, and Johnny Griffiths, servers of III Forks, set up a red carpet outside the entrance of the downtown restaurant Monday evening.

  • Look out below!

    Terri Michaels works underground on the installation of a new pipe in front of Sutton Hall Tuesday afternoon on campus. He said that some of the oldest pipes are 40 years old and need to be replaced.

  • Assuredly, the best part of your day

    Tony, who withheld his last name, shouts to passers-by on the West Mall about the merits of Christianity Wednesday afternoon. Heavy foot traffic makes the West Mall a popular location for organizations wishing to reach a large audience.