Student Activist Portraits


Photo Editor’s note: Thursday I sent one of my senior photographers, Zachary Strain, to photograph a trio of UT students who had been arrested in the spring during a sit-in outside President Powers office. The trio, along with 15 others, are awaiting trial next week for the criminal trespassing charges filed against them by the University of Texas. The original idea was to photograph three separate students in varied focal lengths but with relatively similar lighting and run them side-by-side as a triptych in Friday’s paper, but it didn’t quite turn out that way, scheduling conflicts and some miscommunication the root causes. Sadly, the print edition of these photographs does not quite reflect what I eventually saw to be a collection of subtle yet strangely poignant photographs, that managed to stand alone as successful images irrespective of the original intention. The first two sets are taken with a White Lightning strobe coupled with an umbrella softbox diffuser, while the last set uses a nearby window to glance light along the subjects left side. As an editor, this series represents a strange gray area when attempting to produce visual content for the print edition of our paper: it wasn’t what I wanted for that particular idea, but then again, the end result was ultimately more satisfying. Pleasant surprises are always welcome, I suppose - Lawrence Peart

From top to bottom: Make UT Sweatshop-Free Coalition members Jessica Villarreal, Sydney Dwoskin and Jessica Alvarenga.

Zachary Strain is a third year student majoring in Anthropology and Photojournalism, and a Senior Photographer at The Daily Texan.