Weekend Isolation


Photo Editor’s note: A trio of images from over the weekend. Three separate photographers bringing back images of isolation, though all with a different feel and context. The first one, by Gabriella Belzer, shows a observer taking a look at the Hope Outdoor Gallery Project off Lamar, and capitalizes on a juxtaposition between the man’s head and the print in the background, helped in some way by a “No trespassing” sign in the upper right corner that adds a forbidden, somewhat distant atmosphere to a well-layered image. The second photograph, by Alejandro Silveyra, has a touch more humour, a man and his dog share a moment on the Lamar pedestrian bridge. It’s a simple moment but has strong lines and a thoughtful dog that helps tie the image together. The third, by Darice Chavira, has three distinct sections to the photograph that emphasize the isolated nature of a young female runner tying her hair in the window of the Texas Union. A subtly lit wall, an empty window frame, and then the occupied frame help keep the eye bouncing back and forth between the lines of the photograph. Jeff Heimsath, photo editor from the spring of 2011, once said that he “has never seen a photo of a back that he liked”, a good point considering that almost all back photos would look much better from the front but also sound advice instructing young photographers to get comfortable shooting in front of their subjects. Sometimes it can be pulled off, though, just a little bit. Everybody’s working for the weekend. -Lawrence Peart


Gabriella, Alejandro, and Darice are current Daily Texan Photo tryouts.