• Do you dare?

    Pedestrians pass by one of the many chalk arrows drawn on the sidewalk on Guadalupe St. on Saturday afternoon. If followed, the arrows lead to a mixed collection of chalk drawings at the steps of Whole Earth Provisions on 24th and San Antonio St.

  • Fun in the sack

    Lila Haham participates in a class at Austin Aerial Yoga on Thursday evening. The yoga poses are supported by a fabric hammock similar to the ones used by acrobatic dancers.

  • He shoots - he scores!

    Kevin Berry, a government sophomore, takes advantage of the brisk weather Wednesday eveing to practice shooting hoops with other students at Adams Park. After a brief chill yesterday, the temperature will be close to 80 degrees today.

  • Overwatch


    A power plant technician watches on as a control panel is lifted into the air in the Hal C. Weaver Power Plant on UT campus Tuesday afternoon. The plant is renovating one of its large turbines, which help produce energy for the entire UT campus.

  • Architects of Air

    A visitor walks through Architects of Air’s Luminaria, an inflatable structure designed to show the beauty of light and color, at the Long Center Monday evening. Since 1992 over 500 Luminaria have been exhibited exhibit in 37 countries.