• Above and beyond

    Matt Kelty jumps over a dirt ramp Sunday afternoon at the Duncan Park BMX trail.

    Ricky Llamas | Daily Texas Staff

  • Texas Ballroom Dancers

    Texas Ballroom members Sherry Zeng and Samuel Ekis, a social officer in the club, dance in the Anna Hiss Gym Thursday. The club meets on weekdays and offers instruction in various types of dancing.

  • Wild Art: Marathon Training

    Coach Aaron Winning trains Lauren Dimitry, who will run a half marathon in a few weeks, at Dane’s Body Shop located at 4227 Guadalupe street. Fanny Trang | Daily Texan Staff

  • Training Day

    Photo Editor’s note: Senior Photographer Marisa Vasquez brought back some interesting stuff today after she found State Trooper trainees outside the Texas Department of Public Safety off Lamar Boulevard. I especially liked how she focused on the obvious repition that accompanies having a large group doing any kind of organized activity. It wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting, though, had she not managed to capture a somehwat humourous moment at the end when one of the trainees glanced over to see what his fellow trainees were doing. It’s awkward in a good way. These things exist, seriously. - Lawrence Peart

  • Weekend Wild Art

    A customer waits for his car in front of Central Austin Auto Detail shop on east 11th St. Saturday morning. Maria Arrellaga | Daily Texan Staff

    Faculty and students from the UT Butler Opera Center present their favorite opera scenes and arias in Blanton Museum of Art in Sunday afternoon. Haipei Han | Daily Texan Staff

    Melanie Guthrie and Helo sit at the Doggy Kissing Booth Sunday at the 2012 Midtown Mutt-Minster dog show. Ricky Llamas | Daily Texan Staff