• April Showers

    A student is transported from a rainy Riverside to a sunny campus by a UT Shuttle on Monday afternoon.
  • Wild Art

    Participants in the Tough Mudder leap over a wall of fire Sunday morning. An extensive waiver must be signed to take part in the 12-mile obstacle course, which was created partially as an alternative to the traditional marathon. 
    Pearce Murphy | Daily Texan Staff

    Three participants make their way down Everest, one of the 28 obstacles that runners encounter during the Tough Mudder. Everest requires participants to sprint up the side of a quarter-pipe, while others wait at the top to help them up.
    ​Pearce Murphy | Daily Texan Staff

    One man tumbles out of Boa Constrictor, an obstacle that forces participants to crawl through the mud within the confines of a series of narrow pipes.
    ​Pearce Murphy | Daily Texan Staff

    The Texas Military Forces Museum put on a reenactment of the Close Assault of 1944 at Camp Mabry on Sunday afternoon. The event was held to honor the service of past and present soldiers by recalling a time in American history in which the Texas National Guard Infantrymen participated in World War II as a part of the Allied Forces.
    Maria Arrellaga | Daily Texan Staff

    ​Maria Arrellaga | Daily Texan Staff

    As part of an event organized by the Texas Military Forces Museum, infantrymen stand in the field preparing to reenact the Close Assault of 1944 during World War II at Camp Mabry.
    ​Maria Arrellaga | Daily Texan Staff 

  • Aerial Arts

    Christine Perez practices aerial moves in the Mixed Aerials 1 class at Sky Candy on Thursday evening. 

  • Hair Raising

    A woman’s hair blows in the wind as she walks across the pedestrian bridge in the Engineering Area on Monday evening.