• Wild Art | 02.26.15

    Chloe Lum (left) and a fellow art student try on handmade costumes at the Visual Art Center on Wednesday. The costumes are part of the “Pushing on a String” performance and installation created by visiting artists from Montreal, Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum.

    Thalia Juarez | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 02.24.15

    Two workers disassemble the UT Visual Art Center’s Faculty Exhibition on Monday afternoon.

    Zoe Fu | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 02.23.15

    Chloe Kaitlain Rivas, freshman design BFA, walks across a bridge near Clark Field.

    Chris Foxx | Daily Texan Staff

    A visitor walks past a display in the "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" exhibition in the Harry Ransom Center on Saturday.

    Charlotte Carpenter | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 02.19.15

    Biology freshman Lisa Boatner studies on South Mall on Wednesday afternoon.

    Rachel Zein | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 02.18.15

    Xintong Guo | Daily Texan Staff

    Jack DuFon | Daily Texan Staff

    Mariana Gonzalez | Daily Texan Staff

    Ellyn Snider | Daily Texan Staff