• Wild Art | 04.13.15

    High school senior Shrader Davis harvests flowers at Prickly Pair Farm in Lampasas Sunday morning. The farm is entering its fourth year and plans on expanding this season.

    Graeme Hamilton | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.10.15

    Sophomore civil engineering major Richie Tan helps clean up fallen glass in Jester West. The glass pane shattered spontaneously Thursday night.

    Jack DuFon | Daily Texan Staff

    Communication studies graduate student Roth Smith jumps the trails at the 9th Street BMX Dirt Jumps. The dirt jumps were built 25 years ago as a part of Duncan Park.

    Michael Baez | Daily Texan Staff

  • Van Allen Belt

    Van Allen Belt perform at Cheer Up Charlies on Tuesday night. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania band that describes themselves as "melting pop" will be performing in Texas until the end of April.

    Thalia Juarez | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.08.15

    Biology freshman Erica Wood hula-hoops in front of the Tower on Tuesday evening.

    Rachel Zein | Daily Texan Staff

    Lisa Boone and Gina Tonic talk after a CLAWstin photoshoot at Cheer Up Charlies. CLAWstin is Austin's branch of Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers, a national not-for-profit alliance of theatrical lady arm wrestlers that raise money for charity.

    Thalia Juarez | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.06.15

    Emily Denman walks toward her siblings as they play in the San Marcos River outside of New Braunfels. Their father had parked his truck close to the water and turned on his headlights, so the children could swim at night.

    Carlo Nasisse | Daily Texan Staff

    Two children search for tadpoles at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden on Sunday. To celebrate Easter, the garden hosted a family day where children of all ages enjoyed egg hunts and games.

    Charlotte Carpenter | Daily Texan Staff