And So The Summer Truly Begins!


The Summer Staff is HERE!
The Summer Staff is HERE!

So now that the summer staff for the Daily Texan Comics Department has been officially assigned, those of you thinking about completely quitting the comic's route... PLEASE RECONSIDER!

Don't forget that tryouts for the 2011 Fall semester are also a great time to join the team!  It's never too late to dive into the comics universe and engulf yourself amongst fellow visual storytelling fanatics at the Daily Texan!  All the tryouts this time around were wonderful, and it was a very close call!  The Comic's Department hopes to see all of you who did not happen to make the cut, this time around, again in the upcoming Fall semester.

And now to introduce the coming summer staff:

Victoria Elliot will be submitting "Goog Comix"!

Edgar Vega is bringing back "John Thorn" for this summer!

Andrew Craft is whipping out more creative "TutuTango"!

Riki Tsuji has many more hilarious "Naptime Comics"!

Connor Shea is keeping us laughing with more "Shea's Rebellion"!

Chris Davis is a new staffer submitting the thought provoking comic "The Mind Bubble"!

Blake Earle is a new staffer keeping us on the edge of our seats with "The Daily Lamb's Bread"!

Caitlin Zellers is also a new staffer gracing the page with her "Gallerinas" comics!


So that's that! Please support your fellow Austin artists by picking up a page of the Daily Texan on Mondays and Thursdays to see what new hilariosity they have produced! And remember, if you're interested, to keep in touch with The Daily Texan and try again in the Fall!!!!