Comic book movies to fill box offices with excitement



What better combination could you ask for? I got that answer for you right here. Summer, that’s what. This summer has supplied us with some of the best comic book movies I have ever been lucky enough to drink a butter beer to at the Alamo Drafthouse. But what is next? What can we expect? Summer is almost over!

Don’t fret my little birds! We’ve got one more kick-butt comic movie on the horizon, and by “on the horizon” I mean this coming Thursday. “Captain America” will not be the final movie for us to look forward to however, for it is but an installation to the upcoming “The Avengers.”

True, “The Avengers” won’t be coming out until next summer, but it will most certainly be worth the wait my friends. Pretty much close to every comic book flick you’ve seen for the past couple years or so has been leading up to this one spectacular finish. “The Avengers” will host all the original cast members from hero movies including, but not limited to: Iron Man, Thor, and of course Captain America. Also, the Hulk will be played by mother flippin Lou Ferringo! What?! We can either be incredibly excited or apprehensive to the idea of such an icon returning to his original role of the big green man. Meh, it’ll be a kickass movie either way.

Another great film coming next summer is another “Spider-man!” “The Amazing Spider-man” to be more accurate. Now, if you’re like myself who has quite a preference for “The Amazing Spider-man” books above all other comics starring our favorite web slinger, then you’re probably bouncing in your booties. This movie sports a new Spidey, Andrew Garfield, with a new costume for the big screen. Both of which are pretty easy on the eyes.

Last, but certainly not least, on the hero movies to wait for would be “The Dark Night Rises.” The third installment to the “Dark Knight” series includes characters such as Catwoman, Ra’s al Ghul, and BAIN. Needless to say, the characters and cast assigned to this project are evidence enough that will be a great watch.

So don’t lose hope in hero movies just yet, and don’t think that these are the only movies to look forward to starring your favorite fictional characters. Even the easiest search through the Interwebs will bring you to databases of dozens of upcoming comic book movies. The market is booming, people, and we are going to enjoy every second of it.