Some Pictures



This is the first draft of the first page of a mini comic I'm writing. The roughness of the art work will carry over into the final draft. It's a story about a crazy old drunkard war vet who has to go through a bunch of crazy stuff to take care of this guy he finds in this car he's wrecked. It's all based on a short story I spent all summer writing and I wanted to have a visual version of it because I want the fury and ruggedness and violence of his personality to be the defining characteristics of the comic.

This is how I start coming up with ideas for funny comics. I draw goofy stuff and think of situations where this goofy stuff could make sense in a way that's funny.


This is me doing the same thing but on a spanish quiz. Luckily we didn't have to turn it in, but this happens to me alot. I'll start doing a light-bit-of-doodling in class and before I know it my homework is covered with random images.


These are pictures I drew of Jesus of Christmas break. Self explanatory. Under the red picture on the left is a drawing of a friend as Voldemort choking Harry Potter.