The five best whiteboard doodles in the PCL


Editor's Note: Earlier this week, The Daily Texan ran a story about the doodles on the whiteboards in the Perry-Castañeda Library. Our comics editor, John Massingill, went through the doodles uploaded by UT libraries on flickr and chose the best five. Here are his choices: 

5. "Push on Through"
Desperate and inspirational. Acknowledging the superhuman battles we must endure. I guess he used his left hand when taking the timed essay.

4. Waterfall Lady
Wow, I didn't even know you could make this on a whiteboard. Study time used wisely.

3. "I hate it"
A simple little imp shares with us the common experience of smiling during frustration. I hate it too, imp. I hate it too.

2. Monkey

This educational doodle explains to us the fundamentals of stick figure anatomy, which typically lack a rhinarium. If the monkey is anything like me, he's wide-eyed and drooling all over himself because he didn't pay attention is class and has no idea what a "rhinarium" is. 

1. "Poor Little Rich Vulture"

So deep. So insightful. LOLZ dunce bird!

What's your favorite doodle from the flickr album? Let us know in the comments below.