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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Central Market offers an exotic selection of fruit at Citrus Fest

Laura Wright January 18, 2013

Until Thursday, the two Austin-area locations of Central Market will be running what is essentially a jazzed-up supermarket promotion scheme: the Central Market Citrus Fest. For the event, the stores have...


Hole in the Wall legacy to never be equaled

Alexandra Hart December 5, 2012

Tuesday marked the launch of the much-hyped, much-delayed opening of East Side King’s newest and first ever brick-and-mortar restaurant at the Hole in the Wall. This development no doubt has local...


East Side King opens new location at Hole in the Wall

Laura Wright December 5, 2012

Yesterday, local chef Paul Qui opened the fourth location of his East Side King food trailer in the back room of the Hole in the Wall, the long-loved bar and music venue on Guadalupe Street. In the back...

The Great Daily Texan Coffee Taste Test 2012

Sarah-Grace Sweeney and Aleksander Chan November 30, 2012

Finals are upon us. Colder weather has finally found its way south. Finishing the semester is a matter of staying alert through exams, papers and projects and staying warm. We’ve asked five of the...


The Hearty Vegan hopes to bring tempeh and other organic foods to larger retailers

Stuart Railey October 29, 2012

Despite the shadow of today’s stifling economy, small business owners Beth and Becky Taylor have subsisted on a passion for delicious food and the adoration of their loyal customers, specializing...


Cheese vendors dish out grilled cheese advice

Laura Wright October 10, 2012

Crunchy, gooey, savory, sweet — everyone loves the multidimensional grilled cheese. In recent years this simple American sandwich has moved past the realm of sticky, pale-orange “cheddar”...


Local absinthe distillery gains respect in Austin

Sarah-Grace Sweeney October 4, 2012

Graham Wasilition is in the liquor business. He just happens to own and manage a brand of absinthe, an alcohol stereotyped by its green color and supposed ability to cause hallucinations. Wasilition,...


TRACE focuses on promoting locally sourced foods through an evolving menu

Olivia Arena September 27, 2012

Southern comfort food is not usually associated with sleek hotels or sustainable farming, but TRACE brings an environmental and social awareness to its soulful menu. Committed to the use of sustainable...


Colombian restaurant offers home style-made food

Jorge Corona September 24, 2012

Editor’s note: The interviews in this article have been translated from Spanish. The themed lamp posts and the small benched waiting area, conjuring the Alamedas and the central plazas of many Hispanic...

Attempt at spicing up dining hall fare lacks authenticity and flavor

Laura Wright September 21, 2012

On Wednesday night, the Division of Housing and Food Service hosted a “Mexican American Cultural Dinner,” publicized as a “chance to get acquainted with authentic Mexican cuisine as we...


Herb-gardening accessible for students in dorms and dim apartments

Laura Wright September 5, 2012

Herb-gardening may seem like the exclusive hobby of bored retirees and self-described “culinary-type” yuppies, but a pot of herbs in an otherwise gloomy college apartment is deceptively useful....


Kerbey Lane keeps appeal after renovation

Laura Wright July 2, 2012

Walking into the newly remodeled Kerbey Lane Cafe feels a little bit like walking into the waiting room of a hip pediatric dentist’s office — that bright and that sterile. Gone is the reassuring...

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