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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Lizzie’s Lunchbox knows how to mix Tex-mex and Mediterranian

Elizabeth Hinojos October 7, 2011

Austin’s newest food trailer resides in the Arbor Carwash lot in northwest Austin, boasting its hot-pink flare beneath a lofty oak tree. Lizzie’s Lunchbox sets itself apart in its suburban...

Regal Ravioli offers pasta fit for a king

Sara Benner October 5, 2011

Taking up residence next to the Trailer Perk, a coffee and deli trailer that shares its name with the food trailer park on East Sixth Street and Comal, the self-proclaimed king of ravioli, Regal Ravioli,...

Recipe delves into mystery of $16 muffin

The Associated Press September 28, 2011

So political kerfuffle aside, you have to wonder exactly what a $16 muffin would taste like. Last week’s news that the U.S. government paid $16 apiece for breakfast muffins at a Justice Department...

Redesigned restaurant takes on a more relaxed and American menu

Sara Benner September 21, 2011

[Updated at 10:56 a.m., corrected attribution] “Well, we’ve decided to close the Good Knight ... We’ll see you around,” tweeted popular restaurant The Good Knight on its three-year...

Bacon restaurant offers traditional meals with a twist

Sarah-Grace Sweeney September 20, 2011

There is a little yellow house on 10th Street, right off Lamar Boulevard. It looks like the kind of place where someone’s grandmother might be cooking biscuits and gravy with a hearty side of bacon,...

Weight Watcher’s founder remains true to her principles

The Associated Press September 6, 2011

Jean Nidetch ambles down the hallway of the senior community where she lives, two cups of Coca-Cola teetering on her walker. In her one-bedroom apartment, there are Klondike bars in the freezer and, in...

Disgruntled students sue culinary schools

The Associated Press September 6, 2011

Food enthusiasts have been enrolling in culinary school in growing numbers, lured by dreams of working as gourmet chefs or opening their own restaurants. For many graduates, however, those dreams have...

Patriotic, competitive professional eater chews it over

Aaron West September 2, 2011

“Keep eating for America!” competitive food eater Hungry Todd Rungy says defiantly, over a basket of mostly-eaten tongue buns from the East Side King food trailer. He’s sitting next to...

Summer picks help ease back-to-school blues

Julie Rene Tran August 29, 2011

Despite the buzzkill of all things back-to-school related, there are still 26 days of summer left. And while it does feel like summer all year round in Texas, with record heat most likely scorching our...

Berlin-inspired restaurant serves up messy kebaps

Sara Benner August 29, 2011

When it comes to dining on The Drag, there are lots of restaurants to choose from but little in the realm of inspired concepts. There are at least two or three frozen yogurt places, coffee shops, sandwich...

Barbecue sauce festive draws spices from across the nation

Sara Benner August 26, 2011

It's "to each his own" in the world of barbecue. With so many different cultural methods of preparing grilled meats, the process alone can render anything from barbacoa to brisket. But for...

Thai Fresh makes culture’s food ‘Thrice’ as nice

Rachel Perlmutter July 7, 2011

Walking into Thrice Cafe, there is an eclectic coffee shop feel — but with a twist. A hint of Thai spice wafts through the air amid the coffee aroma. The mismatched chairs and faux-grass stage...

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