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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Two brothers are cooking up a taste of the border in Hyde Park

Liliana Hall April 9, 2018

From working on a marijuana farm in California with a dream to zigzagging the border in a van from San Diego to the Gulf of Mexico, Miguel Cobos’ life centered around a passion for making tacos like...

food_0404_MelWestfall_foodtrucks copy

Food fight: Austin’s food trucks trail behind Houston’s

Brooke Sjoberg April 4, 2018

Despite the fervor surrounding the food trucks and trailers lining city streets and filling lots, Austin’s food trucks rank behind Houston’s in terms of ease of operation, according to a survey...


Lonestar Round Up brings the wonder of the open road curbside

Anna-Kay Reeves April 3, 2018

Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, seafoam green and hot rods — these things can belong to no era other than the 1950s. Lonestar Round Up, an annual gathering of classic cars, live music and vendors,...


Veganism extends beyond diet — learn more about vegan tattoos and why they’re all the rage

Danielle Ortiz April 1, 2018

Many vegans are used to asking for vegan options at restaurants, but during the process of getting a tattoo, the last thing people would expect is that tattoos have a distinction between vegan and non-vegan. Despite...


Austin’s hidden bars await your arrival. But how do you get in?

Liliana Hall March 23, 2018

Shhhh… What’s the password? Austin’s hidden bars and speakeasies provide a unique experience away from the chaos of Sixth Street, but if you’re looking for an easy entrance,...


‘Tis the season for crawfish

Hailey Howe March 22, 2018

It’s officially spring, which in Austin is synonymous with crawfish season. Whether you’re going for the crawfish, other Cajun delicacies or the party, these crawfish joints are some of Austin’s...


Got problems with your tummy? If you’re feeling gutsy, try this tea

Francesca D'Annunzio March 20, 2018

A layer of slime on any food looks unappealing, not to mention possibly dangerous. However, there is one drink where a layer of slime is an essential ingredient. That drink is kombucha. It’s brewed...


College students can, should learn to be DIY chefs

Caroline Betik March 6, 2018

It is no secret that college students love convenience. After a long day (or couple of days) of hard work, students may not have the energy to leave their dorm room and schlep all the way to a dining hall...

2Eating_0220_NikolePeña_EatingHabits copy

With stuffed schedules, some students forget to stuff their faces

Caroline Betik February 20, 2018

Many students can relate to juggling a packed schedule and quickly grabbing a granola bar for breakfast, or a burger and fries before heading to their next class. As students take on more responsibilities,...


The Daily Texan’s guide to Galentine’s Day

Collyn Burke February 13, 2018

Feeling bummed and bae-less as Valentine’s Day approaches? Celebrate female friendship with Galentine’s Day instead! Created by “Parks and Recreation” character Leslie Knope,...


Austin’s first food hall Fareground offers a new high-class dining experience

Danielle Ortiz February 7, 2018

In the heart of downtown Austin, the iconic stairstepped 111 Congress building contains a new addition to unite both foodies and millennials alike.  With modern wooden accents and high ceilings,...


UT alumna turns passion for food into a full-time job

Danielle Ortiz January 25, 2018

When Jane Ko announced she was going to host her first food crawl at 2013’s South by Southwest, she didn’t expect 10,000 people to sign up. “Many were telling me I was going to ruin...