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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Festival unites music fans of all tastes, age groups

Priscilla Totiyapungprasert November 8, 2010

There were UT and high school students, concert veterans and children throwing rock horns from parents’ shoulders, head-banging metal heads and swaying dream-pop dancers. A wide assortment of...

Violence, dance collide in moshing

Priscilla Totiyapungprasert November 8, 2010

There’s nothing quite like getting beat up at Fun Fun Fun Fest while the lead singer of GWAR shoots red dyed water at you. Or getting trapped under a fallen crowd surfer only to push the body...

Meryl Streep visits theater students

Jody Serrano November 8, 2010

The UT Department of Theatre and Dance set quite the scene Friday. The commotion didn’t come from the opening of a new play or the excitement of a casting call, but rather from the appearance...

Despite popular stars, ‘Due Date’ fails with weak script

Alex Williams November 5, 2010

Sometimes, a film can have all the right ingredients: A proven, smart director, two immensely likeable stars, and a tried and true premise. And sometimes, even with all those ingredients, a film can...

‘Megamind’ gives legitimacy to Dreamworks Animation

Alex Williams November 5, 2010

  Dreamworks Animation, more or less built on the mediocre “Shrek” franchise, has been staging something of a renaissance since those films wrapped up. First, 2008’s “Kung...

American Indian nations from across US celebrate culture at powwow

Danielle Wallace November 5, 2010

For many of both the nation and Austin’s American Indian populations, the beginnings of true acceptance have been a long time coming. “I think there’s a general misconception [about...

Frontman looks back on 40 years

Jonathan Hyak November 5, 2010

For such an accomplished musician, Ray Benson, the frontman for western swing band Asleep at the Wheel, is hardly pretentious. In fact, he concerns himself with the worries of the common man. During...

Fun Fun Fun Fest brings indie world to concert-goers

Francisco Marin November 5, 2010

Now in its fifth year, Fun Fun Fun Fest has grown from a collection of overlooked indie artists and local vendors into one of the most progressive festivals in the nation. Fun Fun Fun Fest prides itself...

Laughter may be best medicine

Addie Anderson November 5, 2010

Meeting with others for the pure goal of laughter does the mind and body good. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to a stand-up comedy show or watching “Friends” DVDs, it’s...

Canadian comedian incorporates world cultures into act

Neha Aziz November 4, 2010

Though born in Canada, funny man Russell Peters, whose parents are Indian, wanted to break away from the typical South Asian mold of choosing a practical career choice and instead opts for a more provocative...

Popular cocktails trace origins back to notable author

Gerald Rich November 4, 2010

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a two-part series exploring the history and notoriety of the cocktails associated with Ernest Hemingway. While some English scholars devote much of their...

Western film smartly uses classic shows as influences

Alex Williams November 4, 2010

“Red Hill,” written and directed by freshman director Patrick Hughes, is a film obviously influenced by classic westerns. After all, its main character, played perfectly by “True Blood’s”...