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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Slideshow: Texas Revue 2015

Marshall Tidrick April 13, 2015

Campus Events + Entertainment hosted the annual Texas Revue talent show on Saturday night at The Texas Union. Nritya Sangam won best overall and Dirty Douth Dandiya won The Cristi Biggs Memorial Award...


UT researcher will explore crater linked to mass dinosaur extinction

Zainab Calcuttawala April 11, 2015

A UT associate professor will help lead an international team of researchers into the crater created by an asteroid linked to the extinction of the dinosaurs. The crater was created by an asteroid that...


Graduate student speaks about singing mice with longer, audible calls

Lauren Florence April 10, 2015

Most mice communicate at ultrasonic frequencies, so their nocturnal predators can’t hear them. Singing mice are an exception and have very lengthy, audible mating calls, according to a student researcher...


Lecturer: Internet surveillance has benefits and drawbacks

Rachel Lew April 10, 2015

Internet surveillance is inevitable and sometimes beneficial, but use of informatiion gathered through servailance must be regulated, according to a lecturer Thursday at the 14th Annual sequels Symposium. Jeremy...


UT raises more than double its fundraising goal during annual ’40 for Forty’ campaign

Caleb Wong April 10, 2015

UT raised more than double its fundraising goal during the “40 for Forty” campaign, which ended Thursday night.  The campaign, which ran for 40 hours from 4 a.m. Wednesday to 8 p.m....


Take Back the Night allows survivors to voice stories

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 9, 2015

Voices Against Violence hosted “Take Back the Night” at the Main Mall on Wednesday to provide an open forum for survivors of sexual violence to share their stories. Take Back the Night is...


Future campus expansion could jeopardize location of student-run garden areas

Samantha Ketterer April 9, 2015

Campus construction plans will currently not displace the UT Microfarm and Concho Community Garden, but future campus expansion could put their locations in question, according to Jim Walker, director...


Music professor Robert Duke wins teaching fellowship

Eleanor Dearman April 9, 2015

The Friar Society, the oldest honor society on campus, selected music professor Robert Duke as the recipient of the Friar Centennial Teaching Fellowship (FCTF) on Wednesday.  Each school year,...


UTDivest, Unify Texas debate foreign divestment

Samantha Ketterer April 9, 2015

Student-led movement UTDivest will propose legislation to Student Government asking for the University of Texas Investment Management Company to pull investments from corporations the group believes facilitate...


Mark Cuban encourages students in lecture through his business experiences

Sebastian Herrera April 8, 2015

Entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban gave encouragement and guidance to college students about their futures as he detailed the business lessons he learned from succeeding and failing...


Professor: Recovery high school important step in helping adolescents with drug addictions

Matthew Adams April 8, 2015

Colleges should do more to support students struggling with addiction because deaths from alcohol and drug addiction in young adults continue to rise, according to a social work professor.  According...


Facilities Services staff places barricades around CLA because of broken windows, falling glass

Wynne Davis April 8, 2015

Temporary barricades will remain around the perimeter of the College of Liberal Arts building until UT Facilities Services staff can determine what is causing the building’s large glass windows to...