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Three-hour-long SG meeting concludes with new speaker of the Assembly, pizza delivery

Samantha Ketterer April 8, 2015

The Student Government Assembly elected Tanner Long as speaker of the Assembly with a 33–2 vote Tuesday night. Long, a liberal arts representative and government senior, said he thinks SG has...


Senate committee hears bill to eliminate in-state tuition for undocumented students

Eleanor Dearman April 7, 2015

Update: After over 13 hours of an emotional Senate hearing, the subcommittee on border security voted 2 to 1 to send the committee substitute for SB 1819 to full committee for review, with the recommendation...


Rady/Strickland complete fewer than half of platform points

Samantha Ketterer April 7, 2015

In Kori Rady’s and Taylor Strickland’s time as Student Government president and vice president, the executive alliance completed 13 out of 28 of its total platform points. The remaining...

Music therapy could reduce health effects of premature birth

Zainab Calcuttawala April 7, 2015

Music therapy could help prematurely born babies regain brain functionality and go home up to two weeks sooner after birth, saving more than $2,000 per day, according to a visiting professor. Music...


Aborigine writers face erasure in Australian literature, according to Australian publisher

Katie Keenan April 7, 2015

Indigenous Australian writers are consistently overlooked and having their identities erased by the non-indigenous majority, according to the founder of an Australian publishing house. Sue Abbey founded...


Regents to consider facilitating Hall’s requests

Josh Willis April 7, 2015

The UT System Board of Regents will meet Wednesday to consider facilitating requests from Regent Wallace Hall Jr. to look into information gathered about controversial UT admission practices.  In...


UTPD, APD clear Butler School of Music after bomb threat

Eleanor Dearman and Wynne Davis April 7, 2015

Bass Concert Hall and Texas Performing Arts Center were evacuated Monday after a bomb threat was reported to the Butler School of Music. UTPD responded to a call that reported a bomb threat in...


Yik Yak tests out new photo-sharing feature

Caleb Wong April 6, 2015

Yik Yak is piloting a photo-sharing feature on select campuses after receiving a number of requests from users, according to Yik Yak CEO Tyler Droll. “Yakkers have told us that they’d love...


Chalk it up to boredom: Grad student creates art on RLM blackboards

Marisa Charpentier April 6, 2015

Most of the blackboards in Robert Lee Moore Hall are covered in complex formulas — but the boards commandeered by physics graduate student Frank Lee are covered in an entirely different kind of...


Group holds sixth Native American powwow on campus

Josh Willis April 6, 2015

The UT Native American and Indigenous Collective held its sixth Spring Powwow at the East Mall on Saturday. Powwows are Native American community gatherings that often involve singing and dancing, and...


Study: Hearing and deaf children with autism both avoid using pronouns

Vinesh Kovelamudi April 6, 2015

A study conducted by a UT professor and a UT alumnus found deaf children with autism tend to avoid using pronouns, mirroring similar habits observed in their hearing counterparts. “The major result...


International Office has protocol in case of attacks on students or staff abroad

Nashwa Bawab April 4, 2015

After terrorist group al-Shabaab killed at least 147 people, most of whom were students, in Garissa, Kenya, the UT International Office quickly ensured that there were no students or UT faculty in the...