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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Voter ID bill passes Senate along party lines

Melissa Ayala January 27, 2011

Lawmakers in the Texas Senate voted 19-11 in favor of voter ID on Wednesday along party lines. Amendments adopted include providing English and Spanish versions of education materials, allowing...

Potential TEXAS Grant cuts may burden future freshmen

Huma Munir January 27, 2011

More than 27,000 pending high school graduates may not be able to get the funding they need to receive higher education in the next biennium because of a proposed cut to the TEXAS Grant budget. The...

Globetrotters to show off ‘four-point shot’

William James January 27, 2011

The legendary Harlem Globetrotters will show off their new four-point shot in the “4 Times the Fun” showcase at the Frank Erwin Center on Friday. Harlem Globetrotter Aundre “Hot Shot” Branch said...

Texans march against profiling legislation

Mary Ellen Knewtson January 26, 2011

A blend of Spanish and English cries rose up to the Capitol’s south steps at a rally against proposed legislation that would target undocumented immigrants in Texas. More than 200 people...

Mayor, City Council subject of county attorney inquiry

William James January 26, 2011

Travis County Attorney David Escamilla will lead an inquiry into whether Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell and city council members violated the Texas Open Meetings Act by discussing how they plan to...

UTPD reviews goals for reaccreditation

Allison Kroll January 26, 2011

The UT Police Department will keep meeting a set of international conduct standards because of a continued affiliation with two public safety associations. UTPD Chief Robert Dahlstrom announced...

Philanthropists, center director among picks for Powers’ award

Preethi Srikanth January 26, 2011

The four recipients of this year’s Presidential Citation Award come from a diverse range of fields, but they share a common dedication to the University and its impact on the community, UT...

UT professors shine light on alternate fuel source

Victoria Pagan January 26, 2011

Two UT professors have discovered a process to harness sunlight to split hydrogen from water and use it as a fuel source. The process could eventually lead to the creation of a clean, affordable...

Cuts unite student political groups

Melissa Ayala January 26, 2011

University Democrats and College Republicans may butt heads on most issues this legislative session, but both will lobby to fight higher education funding cuts. “Obviously, we disagree with the...

Along party lines, Senate advances voter ID bill

Shamoyita DasGupta January 26, 2011

State senators voted along party lines Tuesday night to begin hearing amendments tonight to a sweeping voter ID bill that would require voters to provide adequate government-issued identification before...

Forum discusses reductions to Liberal Arts ethnic centers

January 26, 2011

Both polite questions and angry accusations marked a College of Liberal Arts open forum Tuesday night, when students and college deans met to discuss a $1 million recommended cut to various ethnic and...

Plans to place parking meters in neighborhoods put on hold

Joe Layton January 26, 2011

The city is delaying a plan to install new parking meters in the West Campus area until stakeholders finalize plans for a city-wide implementation program. The delay may last 6-9 months. The Parking...

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