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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Top Texas cities up in arms

Aziza Musa November 7, 2010

Texas ranks fourth among all U.S. states in the number of guns sold that are eventually used in crimes. One of every 50 guns recovered by Texas law enforcement agencies during criminal investigations...

TX representative dies after 28 years of service

Nolan Hicks November 5, 2010

Texas Rep. Edmund Kuempel, a Republican from Seguin, died Thursday morning at University Medical Center Brackenridge following a heart attack. Earlier that morning, the 67-year-old legislator...

Speaker suggests union changes

Allie Kolechta November 5, 2010

Labor unions need to change their strategies before they can improve working conditions, said UT law professor Julius Getman on Thursday. Getman gave a talk in the UT Law School about his...

Panel discusses GOP agenda for budget, Perry’s ambitions

Yvonne Marquez November 5, 2010

After gaining 22 seats in the Texas House of Representatives, Republicans could cut up to $25 million from state social services, a panel of political journalists agreed on Thursday. Reporters...

UT-El Paso students shot, killed in violence-ridden Ciudad Juárez

Nolan Hicks November 5, 2010

Two University of Texas at El Paso students were shot and killed in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, as they were traveling through the violence-wracked city, where U.S. officials estimate that 2,300...

Central Texas leads state in deportation cases

Aziza Musa November 4, 2010

A federal program, recently implemented in all Texas counties, that scans local jails for undocumented immigrants with criminal records has spurred controversy because it might lead to racial profiling...

Republicans face battles over planned budget cuts

Nolan Hicks November 3, 2010

Texas Republicans — including Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus — ran and won on a platform that promised a balanced state budget without new taxes. State...

GOP to control gay rights debate

Matthew Stottlemyre November 3, 2010

It’s likely that Republican midterm gains in Congress won’t lead to a federal ban on same-sex marriage, a UT law professor said Wednesday. However, constitutional law expert Dan...

2010 Texas gubernatorial election results by county

Ryan Murphy November 3, 2010

Editor's Note: All precincts have reported their vote tallies. This data can be considered "final." - 11/3 11:45 a.m. Governor Rick Perry extended his record setting control of the...

Gov. Perry reelected to historic third term

Nolan Hicks November 3, 2010

BUDA — Former Houston Mayor Bill White was supposed to offer the Democrats their best chance to beat the GOP in 15 years. Partial voting returns from across the state show he lost to Perry...

Republicans keep hold of executive seats despite wave of anti-incumbent sentiments

Collin Eaton November 3, 2010

Underneath the chandeliers of the Driskill Hotel, a mass of dreary Democratic candidates and supporters watched Tuesday night’s election results as Republicans kept their hold on every statewide...

GOP reclaims House, fails to secure Senate

Aziza Musa November 3, 2010

As Republicans trounced Democrats nationwide on Tuesday night — reclaiming control of the U.S. House of Representatives — two Texas Democratic incumbents also lost their bids for re-election....